About Superhero Games

Do you have a favorite superhero? Two universes are now popular - Marvel and DC. In each, there are villains and good guys. Superhero games are more about the latter. Choose a hero that courageously protects the planet from universal evil, and if you haven’t decided yet, just try all the games in a row - you will quickly form superhero preferences. Sometimes you need to get to know each character better, understand his strengths and weaknesses, and only then choose. Everyone knows Batman and Spider-Man. Sure, even your grandparents heard about them. But there are less popular, but no less cool superheroes. Check out what Captain America, Black Widow or Green Lantern are capable of. Do not forget about the villains: the Joker and the Silver Surfer are also able to give a trouble, it is not necessary to constantly choose the right guys for the game.

Do you like Superhero Games?

Superhero games are a continuation of the legendary stories that previously we could only watch on our screens. Now, your favorite characters continue their journey, face new difficulties, so they urgently need your help. Launch superhero games and help them restore justice! When mankind is threatened with destruction, the villains try to put into reality another insidious plan, and the representatives of the law for some reason are inactive, fantastic saviors appear on the scene. Thanks to them, our planet still exists, and we can play superhero games, which are collected in one section on our website. Each of them has its own plot, gameplay and missions, but they are all bright and unusual, so they will definitely decorate your day with positive and new impressions.