About Minecraft Games

Minecraft games encompass a unique pixel universe with a huge variety of genres, maps, features, and modes. It is a sandbox, an open world for survival, creativity, and adventure. Minecraft does not limit the player in actions or set them hard goals and tasks, so everyone will find something suitable for themselves—from simple entertainment to serious programming.

Upon entering the world of Minecraft, a gamer gains access to the base character. This is Steve. He has minimal skills, but he can be upgraded to a tough hero, or replaced with a stronger version of himself. Depending on which mode Steve chooses, he will get the opportunity to create, build, walk, fly, or fight.

The project provides four main modes:

• Survival: this mode requires the extraction and rational use of resources to fight monsters, hunger, and current dangers.
• Creation: allows crafting, as well as unlimited use of blocks, to change the existing world. The hero is immortal.
• Adventures: permits players to travel on maps, and requires basic knowledge of survival. Destruction of blocks is carried out only with suitable tools.
• Hardcore: this is gaming "in an adult way"—when a character dies, the entire game world is immediately erased from memory. It is impossible to restore the hero.

Playing Minecraft is easy and fun!

Our site presents the best free collections of online games. Our most popular Minecraft-style games include:

• “Paper Minecraft”: a two-dimensional project in which there is even more content, dungeons, blocks, and maps to explore.
• “Orion Sandbox”: a Minecraft-style game where the action takes place on another planet.
• “Mine Blocks”: a difficult, two-dimensional game designed to extract resources and develop the world. Resources are in the mines, and they can be obtained only with special tools.

With each version and development, gamers open up new opportunities, skins, modes, and maps, making the universe increasingly cooler and more interesting.