About .iO Games

Fighting your own kind is always fun and interesting. When on the other side of the screen is the another gamer - the drive is garanted. This is how all iO Games, without exception, are arranged. One cannot do without agility, ingenuity and the ability to quickly adapt. The goal is to survive and become a leader even for a short while. On this page you will find a list of the most popular games in the world of this genre. See the list of iO Games and choose the most interesting ones!

Unpretentious gameplay, primitive graphics and stunning success. There is nothing superfluous in .iO Games, only a player’s figure that capable of moving and performing certain actions necessary to win. When playing these games, you can feel like a worm or a microbe, and if you take into account new arcades, you can also fix up for a while with the territory conqueror or a cool pilot. There are many options - the essence is the same: you need to become the best, devouring your own kind or conquering part by part pieces of the playing field.

Most Popular iO Game

By controlling the keys and arrows, you need to beat real people in real time. There is one more feature in .iO Games. It is possible to come to an agreement and all together attack the enemy, who will not immediately realize that they drove him into a corner together. That's where everyone has the same goal - to survive, and the ways to achieve it are different. At .iO Games, you cannot be the eternal winner. If you ate someone, then there is sure to be someone who dines with you too. You can play with clans or alone. To achieve the goal, you will have to dodge, make fraudulent movements, constantly change tactics and tricks.

Second Most Popular .iO Game

Along with real enemies, there are obstacles in such games. Moreover, no one bothers even to wrap their presence in their favor. Here you can trap the enemy and eat him in parts, or, on the contrary, crumble into small parts in order to tear down all the obstacles in your path and put on solid weight.

In order to survive among the worms, you cannot crash into anyone. Otherwise, you can simply become a treat for your own kind. The situation is different with bacteria. In arcades of a similar plan, you need to breed and multiply, devouring those who are smaller and weaker.

In all .iO Games arcades you need to be someone. A plane or a tank, a primitive virus, a worm, or an ordinary geometric figure are just a few of the incarnations. Incredibly, an opponent can be thousands of kilometers away, anywhere in the world. The main thing for all IO games is that the Internet works reliably and the connection is not interrupted.