About Escape Games

Escape games are not necessarily horror stories, you can very well choose quiet places for research. For example, a sunny villa by the sea, beautifully and tastefully furnished by the owner. Or try to feel like an adult and tired person and get out of a stuffy and boring office outside. Such a quest, many people generally go through daily, and you can experience the same mix of emotions for free. For fans of escape games who want to tickle the nerves and arrange an escape from some sinister and treacherous place, there are also excellent arcades. Choose something standard - a mysterious castle, a secret dungeon or a terrible psychiatric hospital. Or try something new and risk escaping from prison or from a parked car, imagining yourself a victim of some failed maniac.

Escape Games are Hard

The two most popular types of the escape games category are online games in which you need to either get out of the room or escape from a maximum security prison. In the first case, the rooms can be completely different: cartoony-cute or frightening in some kind of castle. Escaping from the prison is much more difficult, there you will need to go through many different rooms and you should not forget about the evil guards, since they keep their ears open.