About Driving Games

In driving games you can control all types of vehicles, these are bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks and even tractors. Sometimes you really want to have your own car, but before you buy it, you need to get license. Otherwise, driving a car will be fraught with heavy fines. It’s good that there are driving simulator games, where you can drive a car without a license. And if you often play simulators, this will help you in mastering driving skills.

Driving games are the best way to understand how to behave on the road. Studying the rules of the road in a playful way, you will better remember them. Jump into the virtual car and go, but be sure to follow all the rules - this is the key for safety and preservation of people's lives. There are quite a few games completely repeating traffic rules, so the section contains arcades with car traffic and realistic vehicle control.

What are driving games like?

Today, there is just an unimaginable number of games in this category. Most often, it is a racing in various 2D and 3D modes, allowing you to compete in speed with a computer and even real gamers. The most popular are first-person races in 3D mode, where your task will be to overtake all rivals while also trying not to leave the track. Slightly less popular races in 2D mode, with control from above, have the exactly same task, but the gameplay will be slightly different. In addition to racing, there are games of a different direction, where you need to refuel cars at speed, upgrade and paint to your taste, repair broken parts, or vice versa break them down into a piece of scrap metal. This genre is called service and is also quite fascinating. There are many things in the world that can be controlled as a driver, but what will be most interesting in games that to ride? Maybe high-speed sports cars or huge super jeeps, which are ways to crush an ordinary car under themselves?