About Baby Hazel games

Girls are usually accustomed to caring for babies, especially if they are as cute as the one presented here by the free online games on Baby Hazel. She is so smiling, open and sociable that playing with her is a real pleasure. You will like to choose clothes for the baby, cook breakfast with her, decorate the room for the holiday. In summer she enjoys going to the beach with her mother, and in winter she takes part in a winter fun in the yard. You will see her at different ages, and always communication brings only positive and joy, even if it is a visit to the dentist or a meeting with a ghost Casper.

Funny Baby Hazel

Baby Hazel has become the main character of many game stories and together with her you will build a gingerbread house - the most beautiful of all, then you will go to kindergarten and continue to look after her as a teacher. On a holiday, she helps to set the table with her parents, and if you help her, she will surely succeed. But no matter how you look after the children, they still manage to get sick. So Hazel caught a cold, and now she had a fever, and a cough erupted. And also, it seems, she injured her hand and you have to apply all your knowledge to heal young children. But when she gets better, you can watch TV with her and organize a party, visit Disneyland, learn how to cook simple food and learn the names of objects. With Hazel, it’s fun to brush your teeth, run in the yard for rabbits and just grow up. She gradually turns from baby into a little princess dressed with a beautiful dresses, never ceasing to smile. Having fun with her, you will also cheer yourself up, forget sorrows and recharge yourself with positive.